Starting November 1, 2023residential beach parking permits and Pioneer Park boat ramp parking permits will be available via this Digital Parking Permit portal for the new year. The vehicle license plate will become your 'parking permit'. The City of Deerfield Beach will no longer issue physical stickers as a parking permit.


You can now apply, pay, renew, and manage your digital parking permit from the comfort of your home. New vehicle license plate?

Simply visit this permit portal, log-in to your account, make the necessary change, upload the required vehicle registration document and wait for the change to be approved.


All digital parking permits will be tracked by our state-of-the-art, License Plate Recognition Technology (LPR) and enforced by our dedicated group of Parking Enforcement Specialists.


When creating your Digital Parking Permit account, please make sure to select the correct permit. The City of Deerfield Beach offers:

  • - Residential Beach Parking Permit (for Deerfield Beach residents only
  • - Pioneer Park Boat Ramp

The permit application will be reviewed during the month of December please allow until the last week of the month before you reach out to the office to inquire about the status of your account 

Digital Parking Permits are valid for a calendar year only (January 1, 2024, through December 31, 2024). If you have received a parking citation prior to the activation of your parking permit, you will be responsible for the payment of the citation. City Code of Ordinances, Section 66-78 (b), stipulates; "No person may purchase a city parking [permit] who has outstanding and unpaid any city parking citation".

To get started, please have the following documents ready:


  1. A current and valid driver's license
  2. A current vehicle registration
  3. A current utility bill (light bill, water bill, cable bill)
  4. In lieu of a utility bill, a Florida voter's registration card (with a Deerfield Beach address)



  1. A current and valid driver's license
  2. A current vehicle registration


Please Note:

ALL supporting documents must be in the applicant's name. No co-ownership of the parking permit will be approved. The City's Parking Authority staff will review all documents to ensure compliance with the City's eligibility requirements. Once approved, you will receive an email alert notifying you of the approval.

Do you have your documents ready? Create your account now by clicking on Sign Up at the top right of this page.

For additional information, please contact the Parking Division at 954-480-4499, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.